Three Reasons to Consider Wearing a Wig

In Hollywood, changing your hair style is like changing your clothes. Wigs have been around for centuries as a symbol of social status and for cosmetic and beauty purposes. Today’s 100% natural human hair wigs are so beautifully made and crafted with such detail and skill it is virtually impossible to tell them from real hair.

North Shore Wigs for Women by SylviaWigs, over the years, have received a bad reputation, and the reason is quite simple: In order to hit certain retail price points, corners have to be cut and quality and appearance suffers. The result is something that looks unnatural and is anything but flattering to someone wearing it.
But carefully crafted human hair wigs that are specifically designed for women (and men) with alopecia or thinning hair are wigs of a different breed altogether.

Made with a cap that is designed to be lightweight, comfortable and not irriate a sensitive scalp, and painstakingly created with the look, feel, and flow of natural growing hair. these wigs are wonders to behold and wonders to wear, particularly on a daily basis. It is quite literally almost impossible to tell the difference from a fine human hair alopecia wig and a persons natural growing hair. The result is a natural, wonderful looking full head of hair that makes you feel good about yourself and proud to hold you head up high.

North Shore Wigs for Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

For women and men suffering from hair and scalp conditions such as Alopecia Areata, or undergoing medical treatments such as Chemotherapy that cause hair loss and thinning hair, natural 100% human hair wigs are absolutely appropriate for keeping your hair issues private and for getting on with your daily routine, career and life. And wigs can offer the freedom and flexibility that regular hair styling cannot.

Wigs can help you save money. If cared for properly, a 100% human hair wig can last for many years. Compare to the cost of a new hairdo every few weeks and it’s easy to see that wigs can not only help you change up your look when want, but they can also be less expensive in the long run when you consider the annual cost of visiting a stylist when you want to change your style.

Wigs can save you time. Let’s face it, styling your hair can take up a lot of time. I’ve had any number of women clients over the years tell me that with a wig, all they have to do is slip it on, brush it out a little bit, and they are ready to go in under 10 minutes. This can be particularly annoying for your husband when he is used to you taking more than an hour to get ready and he’s just settled in to watch an hour’s worth of football and you suddenly appear saying, “I’m ready.”

Wigs can Cover Hair Loss and Scalp Issues. Women and men with genetic or medical conditions that cause hair loss and thinning hair – from alopecia, to trichotillomania, to chemotherapy and other causes – find human hair wigs to be a true Godsend. Wigs can let you keep your hair loss private and let you get on with your life and career without the constant stares at the top of your head when you are out in public or talking to co-workers or supervisors who may be wondering if you are sick.

When you talk with one of our professional North Shore Wigs by Sylvia wig stylists, she can help you choose and design the perfect wig for you and your type of hair loss or needs. A high quality human hair wig is an investment in yourself and for years to come. If you are thinking about getting a wig, talk one of our knowledgeable North Shore Women’s Wigs specialists to make sure you are happy and satisfied with your wig when you get it. They will help you choose the perfect wig for you, make sure it is styled and cut specifically for you, and teach you how to care for your wig so you will enjoy it now and for many years ahead.

Wigs for Female Hair Loss: Choosing the Right One

WIGS FOR FEMALE HAIR LOSS. There are a number of solutions available for specific types of female hair loss and styling needs, and speaking with a North Shore Wigs Specialist is the best way to decide which hair restoration option is the best for you.

European hair wigs Boston North Shore Sylvia CarusoBeautiful human hair wigs are a popular option for a fresh look even among women without hair loss as an enjoyable and personalized way to choose styles and colors that really reflect their individuality and personal taste and style. Worn as early as ancient Egypt, wigs have held a variety of roles over the centuries from sun protection in cultures that kept their heads shaved and hair loss compensation to fashion statements and symbols of wealth and distinction. Even today, many celebrities are revered for the fabulous looks they sport in roles they play which can be directly attributed to the beautiful, natural looking women’s wigs they wear in front of the camera and in real life.

Wigs for Female Hair Loss

Not all women’s wigs are created equal, however. Bad wigs that are poorly designed, cheaply constructed, hot, and uncomfortable have given women’s wigs, over the years, a really bad name. Our beautiful line of Jon Renau women’s wigs and our award winning Dimples human hair wigs for women, have an enviable reputation for meeting the needs of women with thinning hair or hair loss due to alopecia, trichotillomania, or other medically related causes of female hair loss. As a female hair loss solution, or just as a way to change up your style, these beautiful women’s wigs are not only effective as a women’s hair replacement solution, but they make hair fun again!

All of our 100% natural human hair wigs come without a style and can be individually colored, and styled to your own particular desires desires and goals, perfectly highlighting your face, lifestyle and personal preferences.

North Shore Women’s Wigs by Sylvia

At our North Shore Women’s Wigs salon, Wigs by Sylvia has the most experienced women’s wigs stylists in the Boston North Shore area. Female hair loss can be frustrating, and our experienced wig stylists will ensure that your wig is perfectly styled and looks great on you. We will also carefully show you how to care for your new wig so it stays looking fantastic for years to come.

Our Jon Renau wigs are amazing, as well as our virgin European human hair wigs from Dimples and Follea.  Regardless of which wig you choose, a private wig consultation at our North Shore Women’s Wigs salon in Saugus, Massachusetts can help you decide which wig is right for you.

Alopecia Wigs for Women: Hair Loss Solutions for Women

Women in the Boston area and across Massachusetts are finding restored self-confidence after solving their androgenic aloecia hereditary hair loss problems with our beautiful custom made human hair alopecia wigs from our North Shore Wigs Salon at Wigs by Sylvia here in Saugus, Massachusetts.

Many women who suffer from androgenic alopecia (or hereditary female pattern hair loss) have chosen to live a life full of scarves, caps, and head coverings, and in turn become very anxious and frustrated while watching their self-consciousness increase and their self-esteem plummet. It is estimated that half a million women in the US suffer from some type of alopecia including female pattern baldness and and thinning hair, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, or alopecia universalis. And this doesn’t even take into account women undergoing chemotherapy treatments suffering from medical treatment related hair loss.

Boston Wigs for Women with Alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern baldness, refers to when hair thins mostly on the top and sides of the head. Most commonly, this can appear after menopause, but sometimes androgenic alopecia can begin in women as early as puberty.

The American Academy of Dermatology states that 80 million people in the USA have hereditary thinning and/or baldness. Men are affected by hereditary baldness most often with a receding hairline. Women are most commonly affected by diffuse thinning hair. Many times, the first sign of hair loss in women is thinning hair in the part.

Begin regaining your confidence and the look you want by making an appointment for a private consultation with Sylvia at our exclusive North Shore Wigs Salon at Wigs by Sylvia in Saugus, Massachusetts. We have a complete line of custom and ready-to-wear women’s alopecia wigs. In fact, our selection of beautiful women’s wigs is second to none in the Boston North Shore area. Please give us a call or fill out our online contact form to make your appointment. We’re ready to help you gain back your confidence.

Choosing the Perfect Wig

How to Choose the Perfect Women’s Wig

If you are looking for a quick way to change up your hair style, or maybe your hair is thinning, or perhaps you have total hair loss. There are many reasons why you would want to select a wig. Just as many reasons as there are shades and styles. Let us help answer some of your question that you may have.

Choosing the Perfect Wig. North Shore Wigs by SylviaYour first step would be a complimentary consultation. It will take place in a private room with a hair specialist. Their job will be to help you select the perfect wig. It doesn’t matter if you select a human hair wig or a synthetic wig.

Many people enjoy the simplicity of wearing a wig to change up their look. Doctors and hospitals often refer patients for custom cut wigs that fit their unique hair loss issues. It can be medical like those undergoing Chemotherapy who others my have other reasons for their hair loss like alopecia, a common hair loss disorder, trichotillomania which is a disorder of pulling one’s own hair. Once you have a consultation with our North Shore Wigs Specialist, we can get a better sense of your lifestyle your expectations and will fit you with a wig that will work with your existing hair and your active lifestyle.

There are basically two types of wigs to consider, Synthetic Wigs and Human Hair wigs. If you want the most natural looking hair then our North Shore women’s human hair wigs are your best bet. They do require more maintenance but the offer the option of cutting, styling, and highlighting/coloring. They also have a more expensive price tag but they do offer a lot options.

Synthetic hair wigs have come a long way from those you may remember that your grandmother wore. There is simply no comparison to those old wigs that you used to see in department stores years ago. Synthetic wigs, however, cannot be re-colored, and since the hair is really a synthetic fiber, it retains a “memory” of it’s shape and style, which means that changing it up to another style isn’t going to work well.

North Shore Women’s Wig Choices

The color, hair thickness and texture are what makes a beautiful wig and something that continues to grow in popularity. More and more women are finding that they can put on a wig so quickly and get about their daily business and nobody, and I do mean nobody, will know that it isn’t their own natural growing hair.

North Shore Wigs for Women: Private Consultation

At Wigs by Sylvia in Saugus, Massachusetts, we have a complete line of custom and ready-to-wear women’s alopecia wigs. In fact, our selection of beautiful women’s wigs is second to none in the North Shore area. Please give us a call or fill out our online contact form to make an appointment to see for yourself what beautiful women’s wigs we have available in both ready-to-wear and custom wigs. If you are suffering from thinning hair, alopecia, or female hair loss, we are ready to help you gain back your confidence.