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Wigs for Alopecia and Other Conditions

Quality human hair wigs are a premium solution for women that are experiencing hair loss due to alopecia, cancer, and other medical conditions. For the many women that suffer from full or partial hair loss, it can be quite upsetting and even extremely traumatic. Our hair is one of the most immediate, and recognizable features we have. It plays such an important role for many women in how they present themselves to others, and how they view their overall self-image. Women wear wigs for lots of reasons, but for many women going through cancer treatments, alopecia, or other conditions, wearing a wig helps them regain their confidence and maintain a sense of glamour.

Wigs for Cancer Patients

There are a variety of medical and hereditary factors that contribute to hair loss for women. The current form of treatment for those with cancer involves a procedure known as chemotherapy. This treatment decreases or completely eliminates the hair on that individual’s body. While hair may not be the most important concern for those with cancer, for many women, wearing a wig gives them a sense of comfort while they undergo their treatments.

Wigs for Alopecia & Other Conditions

There are thousands of men and women in the United States that are affected by a condition known as alopecia. Alopecia sufferers can lose hair ranging from only small patches on their scalp, to those with alopecia universalis that suffer hair loss on their entire body. Alopecia is an unpredictable condition that can be difficult to treat. Many alopecia suffers find that wearing a medical grade wig offers them a practical and attractive solution so they can maintain a sense of their beauty that they had before the disease. These wigs are designed to have a comfort level that you can’t get with any other type of wig. When you have little to no hair on your scalp, you want something that won’t be scratchy or itchy on your scalp. A high-quality alopecia medical wig is designed to give the wearer a very comfortable fit so it can be worn all day, regardless of the activities you they do.

There are of course other conditions that can cause a person to have temporary and even permanent hair loss. At the Hair Studio and Wig Salon we see many men and women that suffer hair loss from a variety of different conditions. We work to give our clients the superior quality and construction of a human hair wig so they can beautiful and confident at a time when they need it most.

3 Hair Loss Questions Answered

Can You Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Maybe you tried a short hair style like a bob and now you have realized you don’t care for that style and want your long, flowing locks back. I am afraid to tell you that there is no secret to getting hair to grow faster. There are products out there that claim to increase the hair growth rate but what they actually encourage is hair growth. They give your hair the nutrients it needs to grow at it’s fastest rate but it doesn’t increase your full hair rate. Look for products that include zinc in them as well as biotin. If you are getting enough nutrients, your hair should grow but don’t expect to see inches every week.

Am I Losing More Hair Than I Should Be?

Hair loss is not the same for everyone. The average person will lose 50 or more strands of hair each day. This is just part of the normal hair growth cycle. During this hair growth cycle you can expect to see a certain amount of hair fall out in a certain amount of time, but that hair will grow back after the period of dormancy.

If your hair shedding happens in clumps then this might indicate a nutrient disorder or perhaps the side effects of medication and you should talk to your doctor.

Can I Stop Male Pattern Baldness from Happening?

You may have seen ads on television for hair products for thinning hair. Now you want to know if there is anything you can do to reduce the chance that your hairline will recede. Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia is a hereditary condition. Your genes are already pre-programmed. It is important for you to eat a healthy diet if you want to minimize the risk of hair loss. There is no guaranteed way to stop hair loss however. The FDA has approved treatments that can help you maintain the hair you have and prevent further hair loss. If you notice you are starting to have thinning hair you should see a hair replacement specialist to learn more.





Women With Thinning Hair

Women's Hair Replacement - North Shore BostonMen and women both are affected with hair loss but the way our society is, male hair loss is more accepted than that of a woman’s. If are a woman that has just noticed your hair is beginning to thin, there are several hair replacement treatments that are available to you. From temporary wigs to laser hair therapy treatments, there is a perfect solution for your degree of hair loss that can aid in hair growth.

We have put together some basics when it comes to women’s hair loss that you should know.

Why Do Women Lose Their Hair?

Hair growth is a process where individual hair follicles all over the scalp go through a process known by periods of hair growth stages. Such things like age, health, and genetics all lead to some hair follicles to stop growing hair. There are also other factors that can cause a woman to have hair loss, and that involves medication and their lifestyle.

Warning Signs of Early Hair Loss

Hair loss in the beginning can easily go undetected. It doesn’t just happen overnight unless your hair loss is due to a medical procedure like chemotherapy. Hair loss is a gradual process for most individuals and if you suspect your hair is thinning you should look for signs of slow hair growth, and thinning hair areas and if you hairline changes.

Advances in Technology

Women find hair loss particularly devastating. Our society puts a lot of emphasis on hair for a woman as an identifier of their beauty. Don’t let hair loss leave you feeling less than a woman and less attractive or confident. The slowing of hair growth is part of the normal process as we get older but thanks to thinning hair treatment advances in laser hair growth and other hair replacement treatments, it doesn’t have to be that way for you. You can still enjoy a full head of hear well into your 60s and 70s.

At The Hair Studio and Wig Salon, we help both men and women conquer their hair loss problems. We offer advanced hair rejuvenation solutions, and a highly trained staff that we are sure can find a solution for you. Contact us for your free consultation today (718) 233-9787.

Sylvia Caruso – Advocate 2017

the 100

North shore wigs Boston. Sylvia CarusoA cancer patient who walks into Sylvia Caruso’s salon comes out a changed person, transformed by her skill, compassion and determination to bring joy back into life.

It all began one day when Sheila Bebchick and her husband, Les, were driving down Route 1 in Saugus. They saw a sign for Sylvia Caruso’s Hair Studio and Wig Salon and decided to give it a try. A stage IV metastatic breast cancer patient, Sheila had tried four different wigs over the 10 years of her treatment, yet none of them made her feel like herself. That all changed when she met Sylvia and her colleague Angelica Gentile.

“She immediately engages each client as if she was a magical wizard who will transform their appearance,” says Les. “Sylvia goes out of her way to make each person feel special.”

A breast cancer survivor herself, Sylvia understands the profound impact that hair loss has on a woman’s self-worth, confidence and happiness. Les remembers the first meeting they had with Sylvia. “We showed her several pictures of the old Sheila. Her eyes lit up, she almost jumped for joy, and said, ‘If you want the old Sheila back, that’s exactly what we are going to do for you.’”

Originally a hairdresser by trade, Sylvia saw the vital need to help men and women with hair replacement, and devoted her career to this mission. But it’s more than a career. Says Les, “People leave the salon with a smile on their face and a sense of happiness, knowing that they have found a person who cares about their happiness–and not just another sale.”


Best Hairstyles for Men – Quiff, Pompadour or High Fade (Infographic)

Male pattern baldness can really change a man’s appearance. It also has be ability to change how a man views his own self-image and his self-esteem. Over the years the advances in men’s hair systems, hair replacement, quiff hair pieces, and thinning hair treatments has really come a long way to helping men that are experiencing hair loss. These treatments can give you back a full head of hair that look great and feels very natural. There is no question that men’s hair replacement is a hair loss solution that absolutely can get you back to a full head of hair as well as giving you back your self-esteem. You are never limited to how you can style your new hair. You can style your hair with the latest styles like the quiff, pompadour or even a high fade. The info graphic below from the guy’s at Men’s Hairstyles Today, shows just some of the latest, popular hair styles that may a great compliment to your own personal look.

Men's Quiff Pompadour Haircut

Three Reasons to Consider Wearing a Wig

In Hollywood, changing your hair style is like changing your clothes. Wigs have been around for centuries as a symbol of social status and for cosmetic and beauty purposes. Today’s 100% natural human hair wigs are so beautifully made and crafted with such detail and skill it is virtually impossible to tell them from real hair.

North Shore Wigs for Women by SylviaWigs, over the years, have received a bad reputation, and the reason is quite simple: In order to hit certain retail price points, corners have to be cut and quality and appearance suffers. The result is something that looks unnatural and is anything but flattering to someone wearing it.
But carefully crafted human hair wigs that are specifically designed for women (and men) with alopecia or thinning hair are wigs of a different breed altogether.

Made with a cap that is designed to be lightweight, comfortable and not irriate a sensitive scalp, and painstakingly created with the look, feel, and flow of natural growing hair. these wigs are wonders to behold and wonders to wear, particularly on a daily basis. It is quite literally almost impossible to tell the difference from a fine human hair alopecia wig and a persons natural growing hair. The result is a natural, wonderful looking full head of hair that makes you feel good about yourself and proud to hold you head up high.

North Shore Wigs for Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

For women and men suffering from hair and scalp conditions such as Alopecia Areata, or undergoing medical treatments such as Chemotherapy that cause hair loss and thinning hair, natural 100% human hair wigs are absolutely appropriate for keeping your hair issues private and for getting on with your daily routine, career and life. And wigs can offer the freedom and flexibility that regular hair styling cannot.

Wigs can help you save money. If cared for properly, a 100% human hair wig can last for many years. Compare to the cost of a new hairdo every few weeks and it’s easy to see that wigs can not only help you change up your look when want, but they can also be less expensive in the long run when you consider the annual cost of visiting a stylist when you want to change your style.

Wigs can save you time. Let’s face it, styling your hair can take up a lot of time. I’ve had any number of women clients over the years tell me that with a wig, all they have to do is slip it on, brush it out a little bit, and they are ready to go in under 10 minutes. This can be particularly annoying for your husband when he is used to you taking more than an hour to get ready and he’s just settled in to watch an hour’s worth of football and you suddenly appear saying, “I’m ready.”

Wigs can Cover Hair Loss and Scalp Issues. Women and men with genetic or medical conditions that cause hair loss and thinning hair – from alopecia, to trichotillomania, to chemotherapy and other causes – find human hair wigs to be a true Godsend. Wigs can let you keep your hair loss private and let you get on with your life and career without the constant stares at the top of your head when you are out in public or talking to co-workers or supervisors who may be wondering if you are sick.

When you talk with one of our professional North Shore Wigs by Sylvia wig stylists, she can help you choose and design the perfect wig for you and your type of hair loss or needs. A high quality human hair wig is an investment in yourself and for years to come. If you are thinking about getting a wig, talk one of our knowledgeable North Shore Women’s Wigs specialists to make sure you are happy and satisfied with your wig when you get it. They will help you choose the perfect wig for you, make sure it is styled and cut specifically for you, and teach you how to care for your wig so you will enjoy it now and for many years ahead.

Wigs for Female Hair Loss: Choosing the Right One

WIGS FOR FEMALE HAIR LOSS. There are a number of solutions available for specific types of female hair loss and styling needs, and speaking with a North Shore Wigs Specialist is the best way to decide which hair restoration option is the best for you.

European hair wigs Boston North Shore Sylvia CarusoBeautiful human hair wigs are a popular option for a fresh look even among women without hair loss as an enjoyable and personalized way to choose styles and colors that really reflect their individuality and personal taste and style. Worn as early as ancient Egypt, wigs have held a variety of roles over the centuries from sun protection in cultures that kept their heads shaved and hair loss compensation to fashion statements and symbols of wealth and distinction. Even today, many celebrities are revered for the fabulous looks they sport in roles they play which can be directly attributed to the beautiful, natural looking women’s wigs they wear in front of the camera and in real life.

Wigs for Female Hair Loss

Not all women’s wigs are created equal, however. Bad wigs that are poorly designed, cheaply constructed, hot, and uncomfortable have given women’s wigs, over the years, a really bad name. Our beautiful line of Jon Renau women’s wigs and our award winning Dimples human hair wigs for women, have an enviable reputation for meeting the needs of women with thinning hair or hair loss due to alopecia, trichotillomania, or other medically related causes of female hair loss. As a female hair loss solution, or just as a way to change up your style, these beautiful women’s wigs are not only effective as a women’s hair replacement solution, but they make hair fun again!

All of our 100% natural human hair wigs come without a style and can be individually colored, and styled to your own particular desires desires and goals, perfectly highlighting your face, lifestyle and personal preferences.

North Shore Women’s Wigs by Sylvia

At our North Shore Women’s Wigs salon, Wigs by Sylvia has the most experienced women’s wigs stylists in the Boston North Shore area. Female hair loss can be frustrating, and our experienced wig stylists will ensure that your wig is perfectly styled and looks great on you. We will also carefully show you how to care for your new wig so it stays looking fantastic for years to come.

Our Jon Renau wigs are amazing, as well as our virgin European human hair wigs from Dimples and Follea.  Regardless of which wig you choose, a private wig consultation at our North Shore Women’s Wigs salon in Saugus, Massachusetts can help you decide which wig is right for you.