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Wigs for Alopecia and Other Conditions

Quality human hair wigs are a premium solution for women that are experiencing hair loss due to alopecia, cancer, and other medical conditions. For the many women that suffer from full or partial hair loss, it can be quite upsetting and even extremely traumatic. Our hair is one of the most immediate, and recognizable features […]

3 Hair Loss Questions Answered

Can You Make Your Hair Grow Faster Maybe you tried a short hair style like a bob and now you have realized you don’t care for that style and want your long, flowing locks back. I am afraid to tell you that there is no secret to getting hair to grow faster. There are products […]

Women With Thinning Hair

Men and women both are affected with hair loss but the way our society is, male hair loss is more accepted than that of a woman’s. If are a woman that has just noticed your hair is beginning to thin, there are several hair replacement treatments that are available to you. From temporary wigs to […]

Sylvia Caruso – Advocate 2017

A cancer patient who walks into Sylvia Caruso’s salon comes out a changed person, transformed by her skill, compassion and determination to bring joy back into life. It all began one day when Sheila Bebchick and her husband, Les, were driving down Route 1 in Saugus. They saw a sign for Sylvia Caruso’s Hair Studio […]

Three Reasons to Consider Wearing a Wig

In Hollywood, changing your hair style is like changing your clothes. Wigs have been around for centuries as a symbol of social status and for cosmetic and beauty purposes. Today’s 100% natural human hair wigs are so beautifully made and crafted with such detail and skill it is virtually impossible to tell them from real […]

Wigs for Female Hair Loss: Choosing the Right One

WIGS FOR FEMALE HAIR LOSS. There are a number of solutions available for specific types of female hair loss and styling needs, and speaking with a North Shore Wigs Specialist is the best way to decide which hair restoration option is the best for you. Beautiful human hair wigs are a popular option for a […]

Alopecia Wigs for Women: Hair Loss Solutions for Women

Women in the Boston area and across Massachusetts are finding restored self-confidence after solving their androgenic aloecia hereditary hair loss problems with our beautiful custom made human hair alopecia wigs from our North Shore Wigs Salon at Wigs by Sylvia here in Saugus, Massachusetts. Many women who suffer from androgenic alopecia (or hereditary female pattern […]