The Advantages to Choosing 100% Human Hair Wigs

Wearing a wig can be great for those who have thinning hair or if you have baldness. Even celebrities were wigs to give themselves the opportunity to alter their hairstyles as often as they change their outfits, without causing havoc to their own hair. Wigs can come in multiple styles and colors, from short blond hair to long brunette, and everything in between. Wigs today can be made from various materials. Some wigs are manufactured from synthetics like nylon, while others are created from actual human hair. There is little doubt about the benefits you get when you go with 100% human hair wig.

When you wear a wig, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not others can identify your hair as a wig. Human hair wigs, unlike synthetic ones, don’t seem overly shiny or stringy.  Whether you are up close or across the room, a customized 100% human hair wig will look as natural as the hair you were born with. Because of the quality of these wigs it often appears that you are having a really good hair day, every day. The real test for many is when your wig is exposed to elements and it responds the way that everybody else’s hair does.

Synthetic wigs can look quite nice, but they do have some disadvantages. For example they cannot be styled differently than their initial look. The reason for this is because exposure to heat, dyes or perms would damage the material. 100% human hair wigs can be styled the same as you would your own natural growing hair. The hair can be straightened, curled, and if desired, trimmed, though you will want to remember the hair doesn’t grow back. If you are looking to choose a wig, this is some important information to know as human hair wigs will appear more natural.

Another bonus for human hair wigs is that they can last up to five years with proper care. Synthetic wigs normally need to be replaced yearly. For this reason alone, human hair wigs are considered to be a much longer-term investment. If you decide to go with a human hair wig, ask your wig stylist to show you proper care for your wig so you can keep it looking great. You’ll be able to get years of beautiful hair out of it.