Differences Between Human Hair & Synthetic Hair Wigs

Differences Between Human Hair Wigs & Synthetic Wigs

If you are considering purchasing a wig for the first time, the process can seem overwhelming. Why do you want a wig? When will you wear it? Will it look natural? Can I style and color it? Should I choose a human hair wig or a synthetic wig?

Human Hair or Synthetic Hair

One of the first decisions you will need to make when purchasing a wig is what type of hair you want: human hair or synthetic. The question is not which type of hair is better than the other because given the state of today’s wig making technology, both are very good. The question, rather, is which one are you most comfortable with, and which works best for you and your situation if you are suffering from female hair loss.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs, as you might imagine, have the advantage because generally they look more natural. After all, we’re talking about real human hair. Yes, the hair in the wig may have gone through some rather nasty chemical processing, had its cuticles removed, and be more expensive than synthetic hair wigs, but with adequate care, they can last for up to three years or more. And depending upon how well they are made, they will maintain a soft, natural feel, fall and move naturally like your own hair, and can be colored and styled any way you like.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Of course, today’s top quality synthetic hair wigs can look, feel, and move just like natural growing human hair as well. Plus, synthetic hair wigs have some distinct advantages. For example, unlike human hair wigs, they can keep their styling even after washing which can be very convenient when it comes to daily wear. Many people, when asked, say they can’t tell the difference between human hair and synthetic wigs. While generally speaking, synthetic wigs cannot be styled or re-colored, this is not always the case, particularly with higher quality synthetic wigs. And when it comes to synthetic hair, curling irons are an absolute no-no since they will literally melt the hair.  But by and large, caring for your synthetic wig is no more difficult and, in many ways, easier than caring for a human hair wig.  And if your particular situation makes it appropriate, synthetic hair wigs can be a perfect solution for your needs. Quality synthetic wigs can be wonderful for people undergoing chemotherapy treatments or suffering from alopecia or trichotillomania.

Wigs & Women’s Hair Replacement Solutions in Boston

Finding a wig that suits your needs and works for you – whether it is a natural human hair wig, or a synthetic hair wig need not be an overwhelmingly complicated process. Our Boston Hair Restoration & Wig Specialists are here for you to make the whole process comfortable, reassuring, and easy. We encourage you to schedule a private consultation with one of our wig specialists who will work with you to find the perfect wig for you, address your concerns, and answer your questions fully.

Find the Wig That’s Right for You

If you have come to the decision to buy a wig for yourself, you may be wondering if all wigs are the same. Can you just go to store pick out a wig and wear it home? The simple answer to that question is no. Wigs today come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and levels of quality. They are not simply a one size fits all. They can be customized to achieve the perfect fit for the person that will be wearing it. If you are someone that is going through chemotherapy treatment, your scalp can become sensitive. The quality and fit of a wig is very important. To help you get started in the right direction we have gathered some key thing to keep in mind as you shop for a wig.

Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair

There are basically two hair types when it comes to wigs; synthetic hair and human hair wigs. Each of these two types of hair will offer different qualities in appearance as well as different care instructions.

Synthetic hair wigs are less expensive than you would find with natural human hair wigs but they do have some restrictions. Synthetic wigs can be more difficult to style because the material they are made with is not safe to use with hot styling tools. They also tend to be heavier to wear than you would find with a human hair wig. You can style Human hair wigs just like you would you own natural growing hair. Curling irons, straighteners are fine to use on them. You can achieve a more natural look with them.

When it comes to wig construction you will find there are many choices. These include:

Weft Wigs: Weft wigs are the least expensive and most accessible option. Weft wigs are machine woven, so they are easier and faster to produce. Because these are not hand tied, You get the least nautral appearance and fit with these wigs.

Lace Front: A lace front wig is made partially of lace and of another, more thick material. The hair at the front of the wig is hand-tied into a lace material to give it a natural looking hairline. The benefit of this type of wig is its natural appearance and high-quality. The main drawback is the fact that they lace doesn’t continue to the back of the wig making hairstyles like updos an issue.

Lace Cap: If you think the lack of a lace in the back is an issue, you can get a full-lace cap instead. This type will provide you with a more natural all-around appearance. The drawback is it will provide you with less support in the back and the wig will cost more.

Monofilament: A monofilament wig is similar to a lace front cap. The individual hairs are hand tied to a nylon lace cap. The material is such that it provides a very natural appearance. These wigs have a much higher cost but you get superior quality.

Customizing your wig

When you wear a wig it’s important that your hair be comfortable and beautiful. Know how you want your hair styled and make these preferences known. Do you like bangs? If you do, let the stylist know. Talk to them about your desired color and what you want the final product to look like. With human hair wigs, there are so many natural colors available. If you want the most flexibility when it comes to styling your wig, you should go with a wig that is made from 100% human hair.

Get your wig custom-fitted

To get the most natural look out of your wig it is important to have your wig custom fitted. A wig that is too big will slip, and a wig that is too small will be uncomfortable to wear and will look unnatural. The goal of a wig is to give the appearance of natural looking hair. To get this you need to be fitted just like a fine suite. Your stylist will work with you to find the right fit for you. If you get a great fit and later on you find something isn’t quite right, make sure to give your stylist a call. They are always happy to help you so you get the fit that is perfect for you.

Maintaining Your Wig

Different wigs have different care instructions. A synthetic wig will require less maintenance when storing or styling your wig. You can usually store it however you like and not worry too much about it losing its shape. Also, they do not need to be shampooed or conditioned. When it comes to human hair lace wigs or monofilament wigs, they require a bit more care. The material can tear or develop creases which can be quite difficult to repair. This type of wig should be stored on a wig stand or mannequin head. They also require regular shampoo and conditioning.


How Women Choose the Perfect Wigs

You have made the decision to purchase a wig, but where is the best place to start. From style to hair color to the wig itself, deciding which one suits your needs best requires setting aside some time to consider all the factors. Here is our guide to help you as you consider your options.

Real vs. Synthetic Hair

Today there are a wide variety of high-quality wigs on the market, many of which can be styled any way you desire. Human hair wigs are very popular and typically more expensive than synthetic, but they are easier to style and look more natural. They can be styled using tools like hot tongs and curling irons, where synthetic hair wigs would be damages.

Hair Color

The right hair color is vital when you are making a wig selection. You want to select a color that is similar in your current hair color. If you feel like changing your hair color, a wig is the perfect time to do just that. Pick a hair color that looks good on you and enhances your skin tone. For example, black hair can make some people look more pale, so that probably wouldn’t be the best color to go with.

Styling Ability

Synthetic wigs will retain their shape well and they don’t need much for adjustments. You can use a spritz of water to freshen up the hair on the wig. Real hair wigs require more maintenance to shape and style them much like your own natural hair. A real hair wig is versatile and it can be styled easily. Some synthetic wigs are heat-resistant which enable them to be styled with curling irons.


The cost of wigs is an important factor in your decision process. Think about the amount of use you will get from the wig you buy. Let’s say, for example, you have a health issue and you plan on wearing a wig for a long period of time, then buying a quality product will help you to keep the look of having a full head of hair. Real hair wigs tend to be a little more expensive than synthetic ones.

When you are looking to purchase a wig, consider your choices carefully to ensure you get one that makes you feel wonderful and one you’ll enjoy wearing. Also, a wig specialist can assist you in the decision process. They can show you samples of different wigs and help you find the right wig for your needs.

A Practical Guide to Wigs & Hairpieces

Wigs aren’t anything like they use to be and this is a really good thing. Many of us may remember having grandparents wearing artificial wigs. They never blended in with their existing hair very well, they were hot to wear and heavy. Thankfully, today’s wigs and hairpieces are crafted from quality synthetic or human hair and you can get them in a variety of styles.

Here is a guide to wigs and hairpieces, which to choose, and when to wear them.

Wigs and hairpieces: an introduction

There are numerous reasons that men and women may look to synthetic and human hair wigs and hairpieces. They can range from medical conditions that have caused sudden hair loss, naturally thinning hair, or it could be an urge to simply change their look. All of these examples are valid reasons. Just so you are aware, a wig refers to a full head of hair, where as a hairpiece might refer to extensions for length or volume or perhaps a sectional piece like a ponytail, bangs or a crown cover.

Why wear a wig

There is no question that wigs are a perfect option for women who have severe hair loss from chemotherapy or from conditions such as alopecia or lupus. They give you a full head of hair and they can also give you a new look immediately. Because of the old stigma with wigs a lot of people think of that when they hear wigs, but these days wigs look and feel natural. They are available in a large range of colors and lengths. One of the best features is that they are extremely light, breathable and comfortable. Human hair wigs can also be washed, styled and blow-dried so this gives you lots of options.

When to wear a hairpiece

If you are looking to add some length to your existing hair, a hairpiece would be what you would want. They can be a real lifesaver for those experiencing significant thinning hair or partial hair loss. One of the best options for these cases is a hairpiece for the crown (also known as a topper or toppette). Quality hairpieces can be blended with your own hair to provide volume and cover imperfections.

Tailored for you

Today you have options when it comes to wigs and hairpieces. They are available as ready-made or they can be custom made. Either way they can be tailored so they are perfectly colored to match your existing hair, style preference and lifestyle. Hair extensions are another consideration as they bond to existing hair and the latest bonding treatment even allow for you to enjoy activities like swimming. There are also clip-in hairpieces that allow you to remove the hairpiece when just relaxing at home or sleeping.

Sylvia Caruso – Advocate 2017

the 100

North shore wigs Boston. Sylvia CarusoA cancer patient who walks into Sylvia Caruso’s salon comes out a changed person, transformed by her skill, compassion and determination to bring joy back into life.

It all began one day when Sheila Bebchick and her husband, Les, were driving down Route 1 in Saugus. They saw a sign for Sylvia Caruso’s Hair Studio and Wig Salon and decided to give it a try. A stage IV metastatic breast cancer patient, Sheila had tried four different wigs over the 10 years of her treatment, yet none of them made her feel like herself. That all changed when she met Sylvia and her colleague Angelica Gentile.

“She immediately engages each client as if she was a magical wizard who will transform their appearance,” says Les. “Sylvia goes out of her way to make each person feel special.”

A breast cancer survivor herself, Sylvia understands the profound impact that hair loss has on a woman’s self-worth, confidence and happiness. Les remembers the first meeting they had with Sylvia. “We showed her several pictures of the old Sheila. Her eyes lit up, she almost jumped for joy, and said, ‘If you want the old Sheila back, that’s exactly what we are going to do for you.’”

Originally a hairdresser by trade, Sylvia saw the vital need to help men and women with hair replacement, and devoted her career to this mission. But it’s more than a career. Says Les, “People leave the salon with a smile on their face and a sense of happiness, knowing that they have found a person who cares about their happiness–and not just another sale.”


Three Reasons to Consider Wearing a Wig

In Hollywood, changing your hair style is like changing your clothes. Wigs have been around for centuries as a symbol of social status and for cosmetic and beauty purposes. Today’s 100% natural human hair wigs are so beautifully made and crafted with such detail and skill it is virtually impossible to tell them from real hair.

North Shore Wigs for Women by SylviaWigs, over the years, have received a bad reputation, and the reason is quite simple: In order to hit certain retail price points, corners have to be cut and quality and appearance suffers. The result is something that looks unnatural and is anything but flattering to someone wearing it.
But carefully crafted human hair wigs that are specifically designed for women (and men) with alopecia or thinning hair are wigs of a different breed altogether.

Made with a cap that is designed to be lightweight, comfortable and not irriate a sensitive scalp, and painstakingly created with the look, feel, and flow of natural growing hair. these wigs are wonders to behold and wonders to wear, particularly on a daily basis. It is quite literally almost impossible to tell the difference from a fine human hair alopecia wig and a persons natural growing hair. The result is a natural, wonderful looking full head of hair that makes you feel good about yourself and proud to hold you head up high.

North Shore Wigs for Hair Loss & Thinning Hair

For women and men suffering from hair and scalp conditions such as Alopecia Areata, or undergoing medical treatments such as Chemotherapy that cause hair loss and thinning hair, natural 100% human hair wigs are absolutely appropriate for keeping your hair issues private and for getting on with your daily routine, career and life. And wigs can offer the freedom and flexibility that regular hair styling cannot.

Wigs can help you save money. If cared for properly, a 100% human hair wig can last for many years. Compare to the cost of a new hairdo every few weeks and it’s easy to see that wigs can not only help you change up your look when want, but they can also be less expensive in the long run when you consider the annual cost of visiting a stylist when you want to change your style.

Wigs can save you time. Let’s face it, styling your hair can take up a lot of time. I’ve had any number of women clients over the years tell me that with a wig, all they have to do is slip it on, brush it out a little bit, and they are ready to go in under 10 minutes. This can be particularly annoying for your husband when he is used to you taking more than an hour to get ready and he’s just settled in to watch an hour’s worth of football and you suddenly appear saying, “I’m ready.”

Wigs can Cover Hair Loss and Scalp Issues. Women and men with genetic or medical conditions that cause hair loss and thinning hair – from alopecia, to trichotillomania, to chemotherapy and other causes – find human hair wigs to be a true Godsend. Wigs can let you keep your hair loss private and let you get on with your life and career without the constant stares at the top of your head when you are out in public or talking to co-workers or supervisors who may be wondering if you are sick.

When you talk with one of our professional North Shore Wigs by Sylvia wig stylists, she can help you choose and design the perfect wig for you and your type of hair loss or needs. A high quality human hair wig is an investment in yourself and for years to come. If you are thinking about getting a wig, talk one of our knowledgeable North Shore Women’s Wigs specialists to make sure you are happy and satisfied with your wig when you get it. They will help you choose the perfect wig for you, make sure it is styled and cut specifically for you, and teach you how to care for your wig so you will enjoy it now and for many years ahead.