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The Best Women’s Wigs in Peabody Massachusetts Area

For women in Peabody, MA that are looking for a full-service wig salon, The Hair Studio and Wig Salon is the only place to go. We have an experienced staff that has helped thousands of women with a variety of thinning hair and hair loss issues. We strive to offer beautiful human hair wigs for women in the Peabody, Massachusetts area. We offer many types of wigs for women that offer tremendous quality, and luxurious natural hair wigs that are the best available. Our wigs for those in the Peabody, MA area, do a great job at creating a natural hairline and allowing for great styling. Our real human hair wigs are made with fine natural human hair that has been constructed in a way that allows them to have a natural hair movement and natural look and feel that even to the touch nobody can tell that it isn’t your own real hair. The cap construction is also an important part of any wig, as it provides the client with a comfortable fit.

Premium Human Hair Wigs for Women

At the Hair Studio and Wig Salon, we carry a variety of wig types to fit the needs of every client. From full synthetic hair wigs to human hair wigs and toppers that offer the best fit and natural look. All of our wigs will be styled for you. The skill of our stylists can work with you to create the perfect look you desire.

One of the finest types of wigs is European human hair wigs. Because these beautiful wigs are made using human hair, the hair moves as naturally as your own hair. The texture and feel are everything you would want the hair to be. Regardless if you like your hair short or past your shoulders, it will have that bounce and free-flowing just like real hair because it is just that. Our premium human hair wigs have a lace front that gives you a seamless hairline. This ensures that you can expose your forehead and nobody will suspect you are wearing a wig.

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Why Choose The Hair Studio & Wig Salon?

Beautiful Wigs for Woman

The Hair Studio & Wig Salon offers an environment that is friendly and our staff is committed to giving our clients an outstanding level of care. We offer the best wig brands on the market from Estetica, Raquel Welch, Jon Renau, Dipples & Jewish Kosher wigs. Each has its own unique look and characteristics that our staff will guide you through so you achieve the exact look you want. Women of all ages are discovering the benefits of owning a wig.

For over 40+ years we have offers excellent salon services and top-notch designing beautiful custom hairpieces, full wigs, and cranial prostheses for all types of hair loss. You can rest assured that our highly qualified team of specialists is here to answer all your question.

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