Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Options

A Trio of Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Options

Volumizer Hair for Thinning HairHereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) is an extremely common cause for concern not only with women but also with men. While there are very effective and natural hair restoration solutions available today, quite often, individuals suffering from alopecia or hair loss are hesitant to consider hair transplant surgery due to its invasive nature and up-front cost. While patient financing overcomes the cost concerns for many men and women, not all individuals suffering from hair loss are ideal candidates for hair transplant surgery since they may be too young to reasonably consider hair transplantation, or they may simply not have enough donor hair to transplant.  Similarly, they may also wish to achieve a thicker hair density than would normally be possible with hair transplantation.

Hair Restoration: Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy or low-level laser hair growth treatments is a clinically proven technology for achieving hair health and hair regrowth in men and women of all ages and hair types. This non-invasive, painless hair loss treatment stimulates blood flow to the scalp while at the same time encouraging follicle health and new hair growth. About 85% of laser hair therapy treatment patients are able to stop the progression of hair loss while achieving healthier, more healthy-looking hair. Laser hair therapy is also used as a post-operative hair transplant aftercare procedure to encourage scalp healing and helping to increase the overall likelihood of hair transplant surgery success.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-surgical hair replacement systems look, act, and feel like your natural growing hair. They consist of hair that has been matched to your own hair, both in terms of color, hair texture, and growth pattern, implanted in a thin base that is attached to your scalp either by means of clips or surgical adhesive.  Modern non-surgical hair replacement systems are virtually undetectable from your own natural growing hair and require no more maintenance than your own growing hair. They can be styled any way you like, including the most modern styles and colors, to suit your own personal sense of taste and style. Because there is no surgery involved, your fitting and styling can take place within a period of an hour or two by a qualified non-surgical hair replacement specialist.

Human Hair or Synthetic Wigs

Wigs are a tried-and-true non-surgical hair loss solution for both men and women. Fine wigs are custom-made with 100% natural human hair and designed to fit your head perfectly. While high-fashion wigs can be worn by most anyone, wigs for individuals undergoing chemotherapy or experiencing various forms hair hair loss, including hair loss due to trichotillomania, appreciate wigs with caps that are made especially for men and women with little or no hair, or a sensitive scalp.  100% natural human hair wigs can be styled, colored, and curled just like natural growing human hair.

Regardless of whether you choose hair transplant surgery or non-surgical hair replacement, wigs, or medical hair loss treatments, you should consult a trained hair loss professional who can assist you in find your perfect hair loss solution. For more information, please contact us at (781) 233-9787 today.